Marcelo Ramalhete wins in Rio

The Grand Prix of Brazil took place this week-end in Rio de Janeiro. There was a small field of 8 players but a lot of motivation from the local club of Vasco de Gama. Marcelo Ramalhete took the honors after defeating Daniel De Matos in the semi and Igor Quintaes in the final. Congratulations and good luck to the players in Brazil for their continuous efforts to develop subbuteo in South America.


Juan Noguera takes the honors in Rome

The International Open of Rome took place last week-end (March 22 and 23) with a strong field of 33 players in the Open category. Italian players were very strong but there were three foreign players left in the quarter-finals. Hansel Mallia (Malta) beat Filipe Maia in the quarter-final but lost to Juan Noguera (Spain) in the semi. In the other semi, Nicky Napolitano beat Andrea Di Vincenzo. Juan Noguera won the final in the sudden death against Napolitano. Lorenzo Bonomo was the U15 champion and Lorenzo Maresca won the U12 section. In the veterans, Mauro Manganello (Pisa) defeated top seed Gianfranco Calonico (Sanremo) in the final to claim the title. The host club of SC Fiamme Azzurre CM won the team event after a close final against CCT Roma. It was really a “Rome derby”, probably as tragic as AS Roma against Lazio in the Serie A.


Christophe Dheur is Belgian champion

The final day of the belgian national league for individuals took place last saturday in Stembert and the titles were awareded in the four divisions. In Division 1, Christophe Dheur (Rochefort TS) won his second national title after a close day and a huge competition with Sébastien Scheen (SC Stembert) and Valéry Dejardin (JSC Rochefort). Geoffrey Dheur (Christophe’s brother) from SC Verviers-Herve won the division 2 and he’s promoted for next season. Bart Van de Vliet (SC Flanders) and Alain Flament (SCAF Quévy) took the honors in divisions 3 and 4.


Singapore is still growing

Last week-end the Singapore Association was the host of several tournaments. After a WASPA tournament held on friday and won by local legend Den Mulia, there was a FISTF Future on saturday with U19 players taking part in a event run in swiss format. 10 players took part and there were many close games. After the six first sessions, Mohd Azhar (Leste Aquila SC) beat Giovanni Choong (Singapore Lions) in the final (1-0) to claim the title.

On sunday, 20 players attended the FISTF Satellite. There were 17 representatives from the host nations but also players from Hong Kong (Antonio Carabillo), Malaysia (Mike Dent) and France (Ouabi ROuis). After the groupe stage, the first surprises occured in the barrage round when Anas Rahamat defeated Antonio Carabillo. In the quarter-finals, Michael Choong managed to beat Rudy Hesty on shots. There were no surprises in the semis as Tan Kok Wee beat Micheal Choon and Ouabi Rouis defeated Den Mulia. In the final, Ouabi Rouis proved to be the most experienced player by defeating Tan Kok Wee (3-0).


Cédric Garnier is on top in Japan

14 players attended the FISTF Satellite of Yokohama held on March 21 in Japan. There was no surprise in the Open category as top favorite Cedric Garnier beat Kenzo Koi (3-0) in the final. Naoya Koide and Naruhisa Horino lost in the semis. Kosuke Watanabe was the U12 champion after winnign all his games in a group of 4. Finally, Tomoko Miyake beat Ryoko Wada on shots to win the ladies trophy.



The honors for Gareth Christie in Glasgow

February 25 – Yorkshire Phoenix beat Tayside Kickers in the team event final in the Glasgow International Open at the Normandy Hotel this sunday. On saturday, the individual tournament was full of surprises. Gareth Christie of the Tayside Kickers won the Open final against Bristol’s Paulo Gouveia (2-1 in sudden death) while Daniel Scheen from Stembert (Belgium) won the veterans and his son Noé Scheen won the U15 section. Well done to all.


Three titles for Reggio Emilia players in Belgium

The Major of Frameries took place this week-end with more than 220 players from 17 nations taking part in a wonderful event. On saturday the team event had an amazing of more than 50 teams taking part but in the end, the reigning european champions of Reggio Emilia (Italy) took the honors after defeating Austria’s TFC Mattersburg in the final.

It was not enough for the club of captaim Marco lamberti as Carlos Flores also won the Open category after a close final against Belgium’s Valéry Dejardin. It was another Reggio Emilia player, Malta’s Massimo Crmeona, who made a sensational debut in the veterans section.

The former world number one had to play the qualification round but was in a hot day to beat Nuno Noronha in the final.

The other winners of the week-end were Antonio Jesus Casin (U19), Marco Di Vito (U15), Noé Scheen (U12) and the Swiss princess Trisha Baumeler in the ladies section.