Papadopoulos and Silveri win in Finland

Two Opens were held last week-end in Helsinki (Finland). George papadopoulos was the big winner of the first day as the Greek not only won the Open category in a great final against Italy’s Gabriele Silveri. He also beat Vittorio De Pascale in the veterans final. On sunday, it was an Italian affair with Gabriele Silveri taking the honors after beating Stefano Fontana in the final.


Paul Andreas wins in Cyprus

The first of the two FISTF Opens in Cyprus took place this saturday in Limassol with seven players taking part. Due to some late dropouts, the organizers decided to play the event in a group of seven. The final winner was Paul Andreas with 4 wins and 2 draws. Marcos Kalopsidiotis finished second and Nick McLaughlin from England was third.


Luca Colangelo and TFC Mattersburg on top at the Major of Mattersburg

In the first week-end of August the FISTF Major of Mattersburg was played in Austria with 54 players from six different countries taking part. There was a big surprise in the Open category as Luca Colangelo from italy won the title. He beat Daniele Pochesci in the semi (1-0) and Alexander Haas in the final (3-0). Marios Strommer won the U19 section but lost the U15 final to Italy’s Riccardo Lazzari. The veterans tournament was very open but in the end, Lucio Canicchio from Italy beat Günther Bamberzky in the final. The team event saw 10 teams competing. TFC Mattersbrug won the final against the Italians of Pisa while Fiamme Azzurre and Wiener Neustadt lost in the semis.


Claudio Murcilli wins in Buenos Aires


After an intense weekend of play, Claudio Murcilli emerges winner of the International Open of Buenos Aires.

Saturday, Renato Murcilli defeated Edgar Schoenfeld (1-0) and won the Buenos Aires Satellite Tournament. On sunday, after many thrilling matches, several players emerged winners in their respective categories.

Satellite open winner Renato Murcilli could not keep up the pace and was defeated 1-0 on the Shoot-out by Agustin Ortega for the title of the U-19 category. Later, top player Fabrizio Bertolini won the Veteran Category with a 1-0 win over Claudio Murcilli.

In the Open Tournament, however, Claudio Murcilli, 2011 South American Champion, picked up the slack and defeated Gonzalo Gomez in the finals (1-0), after sending away Sebastian Pesci, by a 2-0 score.
Congratulations to all flickers involved!

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