Andrianos Dervis wins in Heraklion

The first competition of the Greek season was played in Heraklion (Crete) last week-end. The Satellite tournament was held in the island, organised by the local club of Blade TSC in Heraklion. 13 local players and 11 travellers from Athens and Patra enjoyed an excellent hospitallity provided by Vaggelis Liolios and his teammates.

The main results are as follows:
– Pobladores Griegos won the team event, beating Glyfada in the final.
– in the under 12 James Liolios Jr was the winner.
– in the veterans Giannis Voulgaris won the final against Dimitris Mallias.
– finally in the open Andrianos Dervis beat on shots Chris Aggelinas.

It was the first official tournament played in Crete since the summer of 1986, 28 years earlier.
Also all winners manage to record their first ever win in any type of competition.

Full results are available in the Results section.


SUBBUTEOscars: and the winners are…

The SUBBUTEOscars have been awarded in Rochefort during the world cup. The winners are as follows.


Best player: Carlos Flores (Spain)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 272

Lifetime achivement: Marcus Tilgner (Germany)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 257

Best official: George Drazinakis (Greece)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 246

Best Team: Reggio Emilia (Italy)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 266

Best tournament: Europa Cup for clubs in Naples (Italy)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 244

Best veteran: Gianfranco Calonico (Italy)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 240

Best promotion: Tchaaa4 (Belgium)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 263

Best U19: David Gonzalez (Spain)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 264

Best newcomer: Alwin Krause (U12)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 238

Best U15: Kai Hagenkötter (Germany)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 251

Best referee: Henk Landzaat (the Netherlands)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 261

Best Woman: Trisha Baumeler (Switzerland)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 237

Fairest player: Emmanuel Gorgette (France)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 255


FISTF World cup: the winners

The FISTF World Cup was played this week-end in Rochefort. A full report will come a bit later but at least the names of the winners are known.

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 383

Open category: Juan Noguera (Spain) in the individual event (final against Sergio Ramos of Portugal) and the team of Italy (final against Spain)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 394

U19 category: Luigi Di Vito (Italy) in the individual event (final against Micael Caviglia of Italy) and the team of Italy (final against Belgium)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 403

U15 category Matteo Ciccarelli (Italy) in the individual event (final against Claudio Panebianco of Italy) and the team of Italy (final against Belgium)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 388

U12 category: Francesco Vezzuto (Italy) in the individual event (final against Leonardo Giudice of Italy) and the team of Belgium (final against Italy)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 396

Ladies: Jessica Hardenne (Belgium) in the individual event (final against Delphine Dieudonné of Belgium) and the team of Belgium (final against France)

FISTF World Cup Rochefort 399

Veterans: Francesco Mattiangeli (Italy) in the individual event (final against Gianfranco Calonico of Italy) and the team of Italy (final against Belgium)


FISTF Awards Announcement

The giving ceremony for FISTF Awards SUBBUTEOscars will be done on next friday in the Hall omnisports Jemelle (Rue des Jardins 1) at the time of 17:30.

All nominees for the awards and participants of the World Cup shall be at that time in the hall.

The Nominees are:


Cédric Garnier wins in Japan

Table football is growing in Japan where 30 players attende the FISTF Grand Prix of Yokohama last week. The Open category had a strong field of 24 players including Cédric Garnier (France), Stéphane Lambert (Belgium) and John Ho (Singapore). These three players reached the semi-finals. John Ho had to wait the shots to beat local player Kenzo Koi. Cédric Garnier proved to be the best player by beating John Ho in the final. Other winners were Koji Fukasawa (U19), Yuko Nakahara (ladies), Kosuke Watanabe (U12) while the club of Yokohama OSC won the first team tournament ever held in Japan.

JapanGP-3 JapanGP-2