The Eagles Napoli win the Champion’s League

32 clubs attended the European Cups for clubs this week-end in Frameries (Belgium). The organisation was fantastic with a superb hall and great facilities. At the end of the day, the Italian team of Eagles Napoli won the event as they beat SC Charleroi (Belgium) on the score of 2-1. Napoli was fielding a very strong team despite the absence of Massimo Bolognino, the former world champion and team captain, who is currently suspended by the Italian association. Nikos Beis, Massimiliano Nastasi, Luigi and Marco Di Vito played the final with the support of their clubmates Raffaele Di Vito and Alan Collins. Congratulations to Napoli, a club that won the European cup five years ago in Tournai, in Belgium!

Full results of the week-end here: Coupe d’Europe – Frameries

Europa Cup day 2 143

SC Charleroi (Belgium), runner-up

Europa Cup day 2 138

Valletta SC (Malta), third place



TFC Mattersburg win the Europa League

This week-end, the city of Frameries (Belgium) hosted the European Cups of Subbuteo. In a separate article you can see the winner of the Champion’s League. The Europa League was the other attractive trophy to win this week-end and after a lot of excitement, there was an Austrian final between TFC Mattersburg and TFC Wiener Neustadt. The game ended on a perfect draw but after a few seconds in the extra-time, Erich Hinkelmann scored the winning goal to offer the trophy to TFC Mattersburg. Congratulations!

Full results of the week-end here: Coupe d’Europe – Frameries

Europa Cup day 2 120

TFC Wiener Neustadt (runner-up)

Europa Cup day 2 115

Roligans Ilioupolis (third place)


Big games in the South American cup

The team of Argentina won the South American Cup by beating Brazil earlier this month in Rosario. This was a very intense game closing a big week-end of table football. Vasco de Gama (Brazil) won the trophy of clubs.

Individual winners were Flavio Riccomagno (Open and veterans) and Agustin Ortega (U19).

See more stories on the South American blog at!Flavio-Riccomagno-Argentina-and-Vasco-da-Gama-Winners/c12hj/48E13621-6DB9-4C5D-95C3-E7F5D6D8723A


Peter Thomas wins the Satellite of Melbourne

On a historical day for Table Football in Australia, it was only fitting that Peter Thomas- the winner of Australia’s last FISTF tournament in 2009 would claim victory.
In what was Australia’s first FISTF event in five years, a field of 11 players competed in the Melbourne Open Satellite event. The players were split into three groups with the top two players progressing to the final stage.

In Group A, Eliot Kennedy of the Northern Falcons TFC rose to the top after a 4-0 victory over Benji Batten and a 6-0 victory over Giuseppe Tardiota. Giuseppe had travelled all the way from Brisbane to compete and he was able to score his first goal in his second match however it was not enough to overcome local player Benji Batten who recorded a 3-1 victory and progressed to the second Stage.

In Group B, Peter Thomas, finished in first position with little difficulty. Clearly the world cup adventure had improved Pete’s ability and he banged in 14 goals over his three matches. Luke Radzimisnki took second position after incredibly tight 1-0 victories over David Simpson and Dillon Izon. David and Dillon’s match finished 0-0 meaning all players in the group would take points.

Group C, was a far more one sided affair as Carl Young put 8 past young Alex Stefanos and 9 past debutant Brian Holden, the former Welsh Champion taking no time to settle into gear. But there was still a second place available for the final round and so the match between Brian and Alex had high stakes. Alex prevailed winning 1-0 and joining Carl in the finals.

In the Barrage Round Benji Batten played at the top of his game to defeat Alex Stefanos 6-0 and Carl powered past Luke Radziminski but he was unable to keep a clean sheet as Luke scored one of the goals of the tournament to go out with a bang.

The Semi-Final stage saw Peter go on a roll and put six past Benji Batten- each goal better than the last. The second semi was a far more even affair as Carl and Eliot could not be separated after 30 minutes of time and then a further 10 minutes of extra time. Penalties were needed where Carl executed three consecutive shots to progress to the final (3-0 shootout score).

The Final was a very tight and tense affair. Peter grabbed the early lead over Carl but in the second half Carl equalized and fellow players were left in no doubt as to whether a goal had been scored after a load roar from the ex-Welshman. 1-1 at full time, the game entered extra time. With just minutes remaining Peter found the match winner letting out a triumphant ‘yes’ as the ball hit the back of the net.

And so it would be that Peter Thomas would build on his great form at the World Cup to claim maximum points from this FISTF Satellite. Big thanks must be sent to all interstate players and to Brian Holden at the Brighton Church of Christ.
The Australian Table Football Associations next FISTF event is the challenger of Paramatta to be held on November 15, interested players please contact Adrian Elmer at

Final Standings

Eliminated after Group Stage: Dillon Izon (Rex-C bibases/Total Soccer), Brian Holden (Total Soccer), Giuseppe Tardiota (Zuego Profibase/Parodi Subbuteo), David Simpson (iBase Storm)
Eliminated after Barrage Round: Alex Stefanos (Total Soccer), Luke Radziminski (iBase storm/Raptor G2)
Eliminated after Semi-Finals: Benji Batten (Rex-C Bibases) and Eliot Kennedy (ExtremeWorks Universal Bases)
Runner Up: Carl Young
Winner: Peter Thomas (ExtremeWorks Universal Bases)

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Full results of the event can be found at

(Report by Benji Batten)


Samuel Bartolo and the Lions win in Valletta

Last week-end the city of Valletta hosted the first Maltese tournament of the season. The International Open had 24 players taking part including Italy’s Massimiliano Nastasi. In the Open category. Samuel Bartolo defeated Mark Gauci in the final. Angelo Borg and Derek Conti lost in the semis. Andrew Abela won the U19 tournament, finishing on top of a group of 5 while Jurgen Balzan was the best U15. Seven teams competed in the team event, including four squads of the Valletta Lions. The A-team of Valletta Lions beat Valletta Subbuteo Club in the final (3-1) to claim the title.


Carlos Flores and Fiamme Azzurre do it again in Estepa


Last 4th and 5th of October in the nice town of Estepa, was celebrated the 3rd “IO of Seville”. The Tiburones FM headquarter, inside a beautiful mountain place, was crowded. The event had many registrations with 63 players and 12 teams.

On Saturday the individual categories were played with the victories of Carlos Flores in Open by 7-0 to David González who won the semifinals to Alberto Mateos. Carmine Napolitano, Fiamme Azzurre player was the other semi-finalist. In the veteran category the winner was John Field from Gibraltar who beat 1-0 Luis D. López of CAP Ciudad de Murcia. The semi-finalists were Antonio Montaño of Tiburones FM and Lars Myge Tore from Norway.


In U19, U15 and U12 categories the victories were for local players: David González ( Tiburones FM), Antonio García ( Tiburones FM) and Daniel Páez ( AC Los Remedios FM, new club of Estepa city).


On Sunday we celebrated the team event. The victory, the for thirs time in a row, went to Fiamme Azzurre who beat Tiburones FM 2-0.


Great atmosphere between players and table soccer climate.

(Report by Antonio Miguel Montaño García)


Two wins for Carlos Flores in Naples

The first international Open of the season was held last week-end in Naples, one of the hot places of international subbuteo, in the South of Italy. The team event had a brilliant field of 21 entries and the level was very high. In the final, Reggio Emilia beat Perugia thanks to a positive goal difference while the game ended on 2-2. The winning team was fielding Licheri, Flores, Bari and Lamberti.

The individual tournament was also very open but despite of the presence of many top Italian players, the final was a Spajnish story and Carlos Flores finally defeated the new world champion Juan Noguera by an amazing score of 8-3.

The other winners were Marco Lamberti (veterans), Sara Guercia (ladies), Riccio (U12), Vezzuto (U15) and Ciccarelli (U19).