Prantsoudies and Hytas are local heroes in Larissa

Larissa-Satellite-jan16-1Last week-end, the Greek club of Larissa was hosting a FISTF Satellite. 23 players were taking part, including guests from other clubs such as SBSC and Falcons. In the end, local start Evrepidis Prantsoudies was the winner, he defeated Christos Pitsaris in the final. Nikolaos Haratsis and Orestis Christopoulos were in the final four. Christos Hytas was the other winner of the week-end as he won the U15 final against Leandros Sourlas.

Full results here: Satellite – Larissa


Mark Gauci and Valletta SC on top in Malta

Last week-end the FISTF Open of Valletta took place with a good field of 24 Maltese players. Mark Gauci (Perugia) won the Open category. he defeated Hansel Mallia (Fiamme Azzurre) in the final. Jean Tabon and Massimo Cremona lost in the semis. Cremona won the veterans after his win in the final against Adrian Bonnici. The other individual winners were Melvin Barun (U19) and Nicolais Bugeja (U15). In the team event, only 4 teams were competing. Valletta SC finished on top of the group with Bormla as runner-up, Valletta Lions was third and Attard finished in fourth position.

Full results here: Open – La Vallette


Dave Pawsey in the Yorkshire Open champion


Open winner Dave Pawsey (left)

Last week-end the city of Heckmondwike hosted the International Open of Yorshire. This year, 46 players from England, Scotland and Wales were taking part.

Dave Pawey won the Open category, defeating clubmate Elliott Bellefontaine in the suddend eath of the final. Craig Heward and Mike Burns were the semi-finalist.

The Veterans section had a good field of 21. In the end, it was a al-Scotland final between David Baxter and Steve Bennett with The Dundee United player taking the honors (0-1).

The Kent Invicta players dominated the U15 category with Key Arnold defeating Daniel McCormick on shots in the final.

Yorkshire-Open-Jan16-Lees-Naszalyi On sunday, 8 teams were present for the team event. The Glide, Slide Chip & Dip Club defeated Dundee United in the final.

Fulle results here: Open – Heckmondwike

Malcom Lees vs Eric Naszalyi


Wiener Neustadt players on top in Prague

On January 9 & 10, the Czech Subbuteo Association was happy to organize a FISTF Open with 32 players. Among them, there were 26 coming from abroad and representatives from 8 nations. Belgium’s Daniel Scheen won the Open category against Austria’s Thomas Wittmann. Scheen was close to get a second individual trophy but lost the Veterans final against clubmate Günther Bamberzky. The other individual winners were England’s Elliot Bellefontaine (U19) and Austria’s Marios Strommer. TFC Wiener Neustadt also won the team event after defeating TSC Royal 78 in the final.


First international victory for Adrian Davies


Martin Hodds, Veterans champion

Just before Christmas, 17 players met in Gillingham to attend the FISTF Satellite organized by Kent Invicta TFC. Players were dropped in three categories.

Adrian Davies from Wales defeated Gianpaolo Vitulano in the Open final.

Martin Hodds (Yokshire Phoenix) won the veterans final against Paul O’Donovan Rossa from the US.

In the U15 section, Daniel Mccormick was the winner of the day after a close final against clubmate Kane Stanford.


Cédric Garnier again!

The Satellite of Yokohama was held on December 30 with 12 players taking part. French player Cédric Garnier was the clear favorite of the day.


Finalists Koi and Garnier

Yokohama-sat15-1With no surprise he took the honors after defeating top Japanese player Kenzo Koi in the final (2-1). Karibo Miwa and Suguru Fujino were the other semi-finalists.


A fantastic week-end in Milano


Veterans final between Calonico and Santanicchia.

The “Torneo di Natale” 2015 was held early in December with an amazing field of players coming to play the Grand Prix of Italy. The Open category had almost 100 entries and only big names in the last 8 round. Daniele Bertelli took the honors, defeating Reggio Emilia’s Emanuele Licheri in the final (2-0) while Saverio Bari and Massimiliano Nastasi were the semi-finalists. In the U19, Matteo Ciccarelli was the usual winner, taking the trophy for the third time in Milano. Leonardo Giudice from Livorno was the best U15 and Matteo Cammarata won the U12 section. The ladies final was close but in the end, the top seed Paola Forlani won the game on shots against Giulia Brillantino.


Matteo Ciccarelli gets his U19 trophy from Gianluca Galeazzi.

There were some surprises in the veterans but top seed Gianfranco Calonico was the expected winner in a close final against Cesare Santanicchia. Calonico scored the winning goal in the sudden death.

In the team event, the Belgians of Rochefort TS were close to beat Reggio Emilia in the semi-final but the Italians won the game for one single goal. In the final, Bari and his clubmates couldn’t resist to Pisa. Bertelli won therefor his second trophy of the week-end. A perfect week-en for the “Black & Blue”.