Rudy Hesty takes the Singapore Open

On March 12 and 13, the Singapore Open had the chance to host 30 players with guets from the US and Hong Kong. Two categories were in the program. The U19 event consisted in a group of six and Bolkiah Musa (Jurong Central SC) ended as winner with 5 wins. Rudy Hesty Roslan (Jurong Central SC) defeated Den Mulia to win the Open title. Michael Choong and Anas Rahamat were the semi-finalists.

Full results: Open – Singapour 2


Christian Haas wins the Grand Prix of England

Last week-end the English Grand Prix was held in Enderby with 58 players from 12 nationalities. Most players were dropped in the 2 main categories: Open & Veterans. Austria’s Christian Haas won the Open category after scoring a golden goal in the final against England’s Chris Thomas. Wolfgang Haas and Kaspar Bennett were the other players in the semi-finals. In the veterans, Belgium’s Pascal Scheen ended as winner. The Stembert player defeated Austria’s Manfred Pawlica in the final. The other individual winners were Emilie Despretz (Belgium – U19), Joseph Kinrade (England – U15) and Lucas Père (Belgium – U12). Rémi Soret (France) won the WASPA Open tournament while Paul O’Donovan (USA) took the WASPA Veterans title.

Glide-Slide in Enderby

Chris Thomas, Justin Finch, Kaspar Bennett and Matt Lampitt won the team event

On Sunday, the “Glide Slide Chip & Dip Club” took the honors after defeating Belgium’s AS Hennuyer in the final on goal difference.

(On the picture: Wiener Neustadt players took many trophies: Christian Haas (Open winner), Manfred Pawlica (Veterans final), Wolfgang Haas (Open semi), Günther Bamberzky (veterans semi) could hardly do better)

Full results: Grand Prix – Enderby


Erich Hinkelmann wins the Satellite in Ebreichsdorf

A few weeks ago Austrias youngest Club, the TFKN Dragons, celebrated their second birthday. Their home tournament is the same age. The Anninger Cup , named after a mountain in their home region, was held last weekend.

This year the Anninger Cup was played as a FISTF Satellite. Besides a group of Dragons, almost every Austrian team was represented at Ebreichsdorf. With Erich Hinkelmann (TFC Mattersburg), Thomas Busch (TFKN Dragons) and David Busch (Master San Remo) three players from Austrias top tier participated. Erich Hinkelmann and David Busch did mange to go through to the final.

The final was a hard fight. David Busch put a strong performance to the table. But in the end the former worlds number 1 won. Erich Hinkelmann took the glory with an outstandig goal, which led to the final score of 2-1.


The U19 players

Next to the Open Category a Under 19 Competition was held. Jonathan Nichtenberger (TFC Wien West) showed his current top form and claimed the titel of the „nFusion Cup“ (Named after the Sponsor). With an unbeaten run he topped his group and defeated his teammate Marios Strommer 2-1 in the final.

The TFKN Dragons say thank you to all the participants and are looking forward to the Anningers Cup 2017 edition.

(Report by Thomas Eppensteiner)

Full results here: Satellite – Ebreichsdorf


Carlos Flores takes the Major of Frameries


After the team event

On March 5 and 6 the city of Frameries hosted the traditionnal Major in their premises. It was the organizers’ ultimate rehaersal before the world cup to be held in the same hall on September 3 and 4. There were 200 players from 15 nationas taking part and the level was very high. In the Open category, the final between two world champions proved only top players can do it in Frameries.C arlos Flores defeated Juan Noguera to claim the title. Luca Colangelo and Sébastien Scheen made it to the semis. Sébastien’s older brother Pascal Scheen reached the veterans semi-final but couldn’t beat Spain’s Vicenç Prats Salas. Prats beat the world number 1 Gianfranco Calonico in the final. The U19 final was close as Spain Antonio Casin scored a golgden goal to claim the title against Florian Giaux. The final score was 6-5. Players of SC Eugies were on top again in the U15 section with Maxime Rairoux defeating Corentin Bouchez in the final. Basile Magermans (JSC Rochefort) took the honors in the U12 section after he beat Lucas Père in the final. Italy’s Paola Forlani was the best lady. She won the final against Emilie Despretz.
In the team event, Italians were against the best as Reggio Emilia won the final against the Falcons Athens from Greece? Fiamme Azzurre and Charleroi were also in the final 4.

Full results: Major – Frameries


Justin Leroy is the champion in Prague


Justin Leroy, open winner

Last week-end the city of Prague was the center of International subbuteo with the organisation of the Czech Grand Prix and the presence of players from many european countries. Belgium’s Justin Leroy won the open final in the last second against Italy’s Edoardo Bellotto. Marcel Kwiatkowski from Germany and Heinz Eder from Austria were the losing semi-finalists. Patrizio lazzaretti from italy won the veterans final against Belgium’s Pascal Scheen while Alwin Krause (Germany) defeated Jonathan Nichtenberger in the final of the U15. Victoria Busing finished on top of a group of 5 in the ladies section while Nicola Borgo won the U19 event. Francesco Borgo, Nicola’s young brother, won the U12 section. On sunday, Mattersburg defeated Rochefort TS to claim the team event.

Full results: Grand Prix – Prague