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FISTF Age Categories

Tournaments are divided into different age categories.

  • Players may normally play in only one category at each tournament, apart from the U12 (see below).
  • Only if the organizer allows it, players can compete in two categories.

For the season 2017/2018 the categories are as follows:

  • Open
    Veterans: players born before September 1st, 1973;
    Under-19: players born from September 1st, 1998, until August 31st, 2002;
    Under-15: players born from September 1st, 2002, until August 31st, 2005;
    Under-12: players born from September 1st, 2005 onwards;
    Ladies: female players only, of any age.

For the seasons 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, the age limit for the veterans’ category will raise to over age 44, over age 45, over age 46, over age 47 and over age 48, respectively.

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Subbuteo is back” is the message heard around the world due to the resurgence of the world’s most popular football game.

UEFA are now playing a big part in the game’s popularity through a licensing arrangement with the manufacturers of the game – Eleven Force.  The UEFA Champions League range of products are rolling out around the world.

Table football, commonly known as Subbuteo, is a game that’s been popular with football enthusiasts of all ages for 70 years.  The world body – Fédération Internationale de Sport Football de Table (FISTF) will be staging their 2017 European Champions League on October 28 & 29 in Rochefort, Belgium.

This year, the championships will be known as “EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE of TABLE FOOTBALL” and this is seen as part of a rebuilding of relationships between table football, and the world of football at large.

“We are so excited, and grateful to UEFA and Subbuteo for the support. We are going through a huge regrowth on a global scale, and Subbuteo’s relationship with a major football brand like the UEFA Champions League will assist with the development of the sport around the world” said Alan Collins, President of FISTF from the FISTF World Cup, being staged in Paris this weekend.  “We are also very proud of our new video, created by Subbuteo and UEFA” he added.

José Guerrero of Eleven Force, manufacturers of Subbuteo said, “We are proud to celebrate the 70th birthday of Subbuteo with such a development and we are very proud of our UEFA Champions League range”

Subbuteo Table Football is now being relaunched worldwide, and much of the product is licensed by UEFA through the UEFA Champions League range.  Sales are growing with fresh enquiries from the USA, Australia, Russia, India and China.

As the Subbuteo playing community grows, FISTF looks to establish national federations and clubs in new regions.

Young players are now being introduced to the game by their fathers and grandfathers, and recently the UEFA U22 champions – England, were seen using a Subbuteo set for tactical discussions in their dressing room. (picture attached – courtesy The Sun, UK)

“More and more commercial partnerships are appearing around the game and the sport” said Collins “we couldn’t be happier, as it will eventually see more young players rising into the ranks of our elite international competitions”

New FISTF European Champions League video –

  Mr. José Guerrero
Brand Manager – Subbuteo
Eleven Force
Madrid, Spain
  Mr. Alan Collins
President – FISTF
Manchester, UK
+44 (74) 7038-1318
  Mr. Chris Tanner
Managing Director – ZSEM
Dubai, UAE
+61 (4) 0700-8489