A fantastic week-end in Rochefort


Open final: Leroy vs Huynh

Last week-end the club of Rochefort TS was holding their very first FISTF Open with a good field of 96 individuals and 12 teams. Organizers put a great show with brand new tables, superb scoreboards and fantastic trophies. The individual tournament was held on Saturday with a superb final between two local players. National champion Rémy Huynh defeated National cup holder Justin Leroy to claim the trophy. Florian Giaux, also from the local club, defeated Raphaël Pommier from France in the U19 final.Corentin Bouchez (U15), Emilie Despretz (ladies), Basile Magermans (U12) and Alain Jadot (veterans) were the other individual winners. On Sunday, the local team was on fire and defeated Stembert in the final on goal difference while AS Hennuyer won the consolation tournament. To be noted that players were given the chance to play many competitive games. On Friday evening, 18 players had the chance to test the new tables during a WASPA tournament in Swiss system. Philippe Roufosse was the winner. On Saturday afternoon, another event in Swiss system was played as a consolation event. 22 players were taking part and Corentin Wauthy was the winner. It was a very nice tournament and hopefully many more players will join next season.RochefortOpen-trophies


The U12 final

Full results: Open – Rochefort


Carlos Flores takes the Major of Frameries


After the team event

On March 5 and 6 the city of Frameries hosted the traditionnal Major in their premises. It was the organizers’ ultimate rehaersal before the world cup to be held in the same hall on September 3 and 4. There were 200 players from 15 nationas taking part and the level was very high. In the Open category, the final between two world champions proved only top players can do it in Frameries.C arlos Flores defeated Juan Noguera to claim the title. Luca Colangelo and Sébastien Scheen made it to the semis. Sébastien’s older brother Pascal Scheen reached the veterans semi-final but couldn’t beat Spain’s Vicenç Prats Salas. Prats beat the world number 1 Gianfranco Calonico in the final. The U19 final was close as Spain Antonio Casin scored a golgden goal to claim the title against Florian Giaux. The final score was 6-5. Players of SC Eugies were on top again in the U15 section with Maxime Rairoux defeating Corentin Bouchez in the final. Basile Magermans (JSC Rochefort) took the honors in the U12 section after he beat Lucas Père in the final. Italy’s Paola Forlani was the best lady. She won the final against Emilie Despretz.
In the team event, Italians were against the best as Reggio Emilia won the final against the Falcons Athens from Greece? Fiamme Azzurre and Charleroi were also in the final 4.

Full results: Major – Frameries


Dheur and Charleroi dominate in Eugies

On Jamuary 9 & 10, 111 players from 5 nations met in Eugies for an International Open. In the Open section, top seed Christophe Dheur defeated Pierre De Leeuw (Athinaikos) in the final. Florian Giaux was the only Belgian to stop Raphaël Pommier (France) in the U19 tournament. In the U15 category, kids from the local club made the law and Corentin Bouchez defeated Maxime Rairoux. The Père family took the honors in two categories with Olivier beating Bruno Goset inthe veterans final while Lucas won the U12 category. The only foreign victory came from the ladies section with Victoria Büsing taking the honors against Emilie Despretz. On sunday, the guys of Charleroi won the team final against Rochefort TS. 18 teams were taking part!

Full results here: Open – Eugies


Geoffrey Marain wins the Future of Templeuve

This wednesday the club of Templeuve (Belgium) organized two tournaments in their premises. In the morning, Geoffrey Marain (Flickers Milano) won the final of a FISTF Future against Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve United). Jos Ceulemans and Maxime Rairoux were the semi-finalists. Rairoux also won the U19 category (final vs Corentin Boltz) while Frank Lannoy won the veterans final (final vs Jos Ceulemans). 16 players were present for the Future.
In the afternoon, the WASPA event was played in Swiss system with Geoffrey Marain taking the honors another time. Marain fishised with 10 points thanks to a last minute equalizer in his game against Jérôme Heyvaert. Vito Di Ruggiero (SC Charleroi) was runner-up with 9 points in his first WASPA appearance ever.


Home win for Valéry Dejardin

(Pictures by JSC Rochefort)

The Belgian Grand prix took place last week-end in Rochefort with a strong field of belgian players and some foreign players from the Netherlands, Greece and France. The Open category saw no surprise with 4 Belgians playing the semis. In the end, Valéry Dejardin took the honors after beating Sébastien Scheen in the final.


Veterans final (E. Lienhardt vs P. Scheen)

The Scheen family had reasons to party as Pascal won the veterans section after beating Eric Lienhardt (France) in the final while ST Stembert also won the sunday team event after a close final vs Rochefort TS.

Other individual winners were Raphaël Pommier (France) in the U19 category, Maxime Rairoux in the U15, Emilie Despretz in the ladies and Holland’s Quincy Gerrets in the U12.



Ladies final: Emilie Despretz vs Laura Beckers


ST Stembert (team winner)


Reggio Emilia on top of Europe

The Champion’s League played this week-end in Frameries (Belgium) was another great tournament with 32 competitive teams from all over Europe taking part. There was no surprise as italians took the top 3 places. Reggio Emilia defeated Fiamme Azzurre while Pisa won the final for the third place against Charleroi (Belgium).

Europa Cup 2 219

Valletta Subbuteo Club won the Europa League

The Maltese team of Valletta SC won the Europa League after a great final against Spain’s Tiburones. More details about this event should be available soon.

Full results: Coupe d’Europe – Frameries


Christian Haas and RTS win the Belgian GP

This week-end the Rochefort Grand Prix was held in the same venue as the FISTF World Cup 2014. In the individual tournament, 88 players from 8 nations were present and there were many surprises. Austria’s Christian Haas won the open section, defeating SC Charleroi’s Sami Targui in the final (2-0). Christophe Dheur and Grégory Puissant (France) were the semi-finalists.

Belgium’s Pascal Scheen won his first big event in the veterans. He deafeated Günther Bamberzky from Austria in the final. Both players had previously met in the group stage. Eric Threis and Alain Jadot were the semi-finalists.


Other individual winners were Florian Giaux (U19), Maxime Rairoux (U15), Corentin Bouchez (U12) and Audrey Herbaut (Ladies – picture).

On sunday, Rochefort TS won the team event. The home club (not the host club as the organizers were JSC Rochefort) beat SC Charleroi in the final.

Full results can be found here: Grand Prix – Rochefort

(RTS Picture by Steve Closset)


A first Major for Emanuele Licheri

Major Frameries 2015 115

Last week-end Frameries was as every year the center of the subbuteo planet. Players from all over Europe came to attend the world’s biggest tournament and this year, we had again a field of more than 200 entries. On saturday, 38 teams were dropped in eight groups and the level was very high with many top european teams while AS Hennuyer was fieldieng five teams and the neighbors of SC Eugies had four teams. The event was very open till the semi-finals but at this stage of the day, Reggio Emilia defeated the Falcons Athens on goal-difference while the Valletta Lions beat SC Charleroi by a victory (2-1). The final was disputed till the end but this time, Reggio Emilia proved to be the side with more experience as Flores (see upper picture in his game against Charleroi’s Michael Casciano), Cremona, Licheri, Monica and Bari won on goal-difference (2-2 and 8 goals to 6).


The Open category was full of surprises. This time, the top seeds didn’t manage to qualify for the final. In the decisive game, we had a surprising match between Italy’s Emanuele licheri (Reggio Emila) and Malta’s Angelo Borg (Valletta Lions). The Italian was the final winner after ho beat Borg by a spectacular 4-3. Carlos Flores and Mark Gauci were the semi-finalists. On the picture, see the podium of the open category.

There was another Valletta Lion in a final as Charles Aquilina won the veterans section. The Maltese beat Gibraltar’s John Field (2-0).

In the other categories, the winners were Spain’s David Gonzalez (U19), Italy’s David Gonzalez (U15) and Belgium’s Corentin Bouchez (U12) while the ladies category had a Belgian final between Emilie Despretz and Jessica Hardenne. Home player Emilie beat the world champion on shots.

Congratulations again to AS Hennuyer for putting a perfect show with a positive spirit and an amazing field of players.


News from around Europe

As every third week-end of the month, there was no important FISTF tournament this week-end. All over Europe, there were several competitions for teams and here is a very brief summary of the national competitions.


AUSTRIA: TSC Royal 78 (Stefan Sandner, Alexander Haas, Heinz Eder and Murat Tünger) has become Austrian Cup winner. They beat TFC Wiener Neustadt in the semi and TFC Mattersburg in the final, a big performance.


ITALY: CCT Black & Blue Pisa (article picture) won the national Cup in San Benedetto (final against Fiamme Azzurre). The team of Perugia (picture) won the U19 tournament.

Teamplay-Feb15-MLT-Valletta SC

MALTA: the national championship for teams took place this week-end. The winners are Valletta Subbuteo Club (picture) while the Valletta Lions are runner-ups.


SPAIN: Congratulations to the team of Tiburones (picture) for winning the national title. During the week-end, invidual titles have also been awarded to David Gonzalez (Open), Ferran Coll (Veterans), Antonio J. Casín (U19), Antonio García Fernandez (U15), Kristian Sylagiev (U12).

BELGIUM: the third (of 4) day of the national league was played in Rochefort. After 12 games, SC Charleroi is still the leader of the league with 29 points while Rochefort TS have 28. Verviers-Herve (22), SC Stembert (20) and Brussels SC (20) are still competing to qualify for European cups. SC Eugies “B” is the leader of Division 2.


Christophe Dheur wins in Eugies


The first tournament of the year in Belgium took place in Eugies on January 10 & 11 with some competitors travelling from France, the Netherlands and England. Many top belgian players were not taking part but the current number 1 of the belgian ranking, Christophe Dheur, was there with the ambition to win. After defeating Christophe Brach, Emmanuel Gorgette and David Ruelle, Dheur (SC Charleroi) defeated France’s Rémi Soret int he final (1-0). Int he veterans, the top seed was Daniel Scheen (TFC Wiener Neustadt) but Dan lost to SC Temploux player Benoit Massart on shots in the final. Other winners in the categories were David Vantassel (AS Hennuyer) in U19, Maxime Rairoux (SC Eugies) in U15, Corentin Bouchez (SC Eugies) in U12 and Margault Delval (AS Hennuyer) in the ladies section.

In the team event, 15 teams were dropped in three groups. Rochefort TS beat Brussels Subbuteo Club in the final while SC Eugies and AS Hennuyer lost in the semis.