Amberny and Rouis on top in Puylaurens

Last week-end the club of Puylaurens in the South of France was holding a special FISTF week-end with two individual tournaments. The International Open ended with no surprise as Jean-Marie Amberny took the hoors after defeating home player Serge Leroy in the final. Both players already met in the group stage and Leroy had won the first game. Mongi Rouis and Roger Trouillard were the semi-finalists.


Satellite winners

On Sunday there was a Satellite with different players in the final. Mongi Rouis defeated Boissy’s Marc Guyot to claim the title. Roger Trouillard and Jean-Marie Amberny were the semi-finalists.

Full results of the Open: Open – Puylaurens
Full results of the Satellite: Satellite – Puylaurens


Charleroi and David Gonzalez on top in France

The Grand Prix of France was held in Issy during the first week-end of February with 100 players from 10 countries taking part. There were many surprises in the Open category.

The young David Gonzalez from Spain won the final against Sébastien Scheen from Belgium. Jean-Marie Amberny (who previously defeated the top seed Christophe Dheur) and Axel Donval reached the semis.


Forlani vs Herbaut in the ladies final

Nicola Borgo was the clear winner of the U19 final after he beat Steffen Despretz (6-2).

Nicola’s young brother, Francesco Borgo, won the U12 category but struggled to beat Belgium’s Basile Magermans on shots.

Players from eugies (Belgium) dominated the U15 tournament. This time Maxime Rairoux took the best on Corentin Bouchez while their clubmate Corentin Boltz was also a semi-finalist.


Happy players of Charleroi

In the veterans, world number 1 Gianfranco Calonico was out in the last 8 rounf after he lost to Lucio Canicchio. Canicchio later lost his semi against local player Thierry Vivron. Vivron beat Belgium’s Pascal Scheen in the final.

Paola Forlani won the group stage of the ladies category but in the final, local player Audrey Herbaut took the honors after defeating the Italian lady on shots.

In the team event, The Belgians of SC Charleroi were the best of the 17 teams taking part. They deafted Tiburones FM in the final. 2 Belgians teams (Black Devils Subbuteo and ST Stembert) also reached the semis.

Full results: Grand Prix – Issy


The Rouis brothers dominate the French open

Champigny2015-Podium Open

Finalists Mongi and Fayçal Rouis

Last week-end the French association held a tournament in Champigny-sur-Marne, not very far away from Paris. The International Open was only played in individuals categories with 36 French players from 9 different clubs. The Open category had 28 players and was dominated by the Issy players. In the final, brothers Mongi and Fayçal Rouis didn’t manage to score a goal but Fayçal took the title in the shootout. Axel Donval and Thierry Vivron were the semi-finalists.

Champigny2015-U19 - Raphaël Pommier

U19 winner Raphaël Pommier

Raphaël Pommier (FTC Caen) won the U19 tournament, finishing on top of a group of 5. Martk Offmann (Nantes) took the U12 title, defeating Hugo Dubois in the final.

Champigny2015-podium minime

U12 podium


Perfect week-end for Mongi Rouis in Puylaurens


During the week-end of April 11 and 12, the club of Puylaurens in the South of France organized a week-end of table football under FISTF banner. The International Open for individuals played on saturday had a good field of 24 in the Open category. Surprisingly top seed number 2 pascal Scheen didn’t pass the first round while top seed number 1 Axel Donval was second of his group after Mongi Rouis. In the barrages, Donval lost to Olivier Bastin. Brothers Mongi and Fayçal Rouis met int he quarter-finals and Mongi won on shots. Mongi Rouis later beat Jean-Marie Amberny and Olivier Père to claim the title (top picture). U19 player David Vantassel was an excellent semi-finalist. In the youth sections, Arnaud Le Teno beat Margot Diradourian to claim the U19 trophy and Florent Versmissen won a all-Belgian U15 final against Lisa Ducart.Emilie Despretz took the honors in the Ladies category and Lucas Père won the U12 event.

Puylaurens2015-finale teams

On sunday, FTC Issy won the team event, beating AS Hennuyer (see picture) from Belgium in the final while Florent Versmissen won another U15 tournament.


Congratulations to the club of Puylaurens (see picture above of the host club) for a good week-end of table football.

Results of the saturday: Open – Puylaurens
Results of the sunday: Open – Puylaurens 2

(Pictures by FFFT)


Perfect week-end for Charleroi players in Issy


The Grand Prix of France took place this week-end in Issy-les-Moulineaux with a strong field of 162 players coming from 11 nations. Besides the 54 French players, there were 108 foreign players. In the Open category, the top seed was the current world champion Juan Noguera. The player from Spain was defeated in the semi-final by Belgium’s Christophe Dheur. Dheur later beat Sami Targui in the final to claim the title (1-0). Maikel de Haas from the Netherlands was the other semi-finalist.

There were many big games in the veterans section. World number 1 Gianfranco Calonico had a perfect road to the final but in the last game, Patrick de Jong from the Netherlands tied 2-2 and finally took the title on shots.

Françoise Guyot from France won the ladies category, defeating Audrey Herbaut in the final. In the other categories, the titles were awarded to Belgium’s Florian Giaux (U19 – picture), Italy’s Nicola Borgo (U12) and Belgium’s Corentin Bouchez (U12).

On sunday 30 teams attended the club tournament. SC Charleroi took the honor after beating Fiamme Azzurre in the final. The Belgians made a great tournament, managing to qualify their second squad for the semi-final as well.

Congratulations to the organizers for a great tournament.


Perfect week-end for Axel Donval

The club of Puylaurens in the South of France organized their International week-end on April 12 and 13 with players from five nations taking part. There was only one team event with 6 teams competing and FTC Issy (France) beat SC Eugies (Belgium) in the final thanks to a decisive goal of Axel Donval a few seconds before the final whistle. The Open tournament on saturday had a field of 19 players. Axel Donval beat Jean-Marie Amberny in sudden dearh to win the title. Emmanuel Gorgette and Olivier Père were the semi-finalists. In the other categories, the winners were David Vantassel (U19), Emilie Despretz (U15), Ferran Coll (veterans) Margot Diradourian (Ladies) and Lucas Père (U12). On sunday, only two categories were in the agenda. Axel Donval beat Axel Modeste in sudden death to win his third trophy of the week-end while Ferran Coll and Jean-Marie Amberny lost in the semis. Margot Diradourian beat Emilie Despretz in the final of the U15 tournament.