The Greek GP for Spyros Hantzaras

During the week-end of November 14 and 15, the Greek Grand Prix was played in Athens. Spyros Hantzaras defeated Lazaros Papakonstantinou in the Open final. Nikos Pappas and the very surprising Georgios Genitsaropoulos were the losing semi-finalists. Panagiotis Haratsis beat Dimitris Stamatopoulos in the veterans final while Giorgos Vlassopoulos beat Iason Dimopoulos in the U15 category.
In the team events, the Falcons Athens beay Atlas TFC in the final. Olympia and Proteas were the semi-finalists.


Big week-end for Leitner and Mattersburg


Open category: Wolfgang Leitner and Alexander Ruf receive trophies from Hans Ruf and Thomas Vulpes

At the FISTF Grand Prix of Germany in Rain, the team of TFC Mattersbrg was on fire, winning not only the team event in a final against SC Stembert from Belgium but also claiming the Open category with Wolfgang Leitner who beat Alexander Haas in the final. Local player Alexander Ruf and Christian Blümel were the semi-finalists.

Lukas Eppensteiner (TSC Royal) won the U15 final against Marios Strommer (TFC Wiener Neustadt).


Veterans: Erich Hinkelmann (left) and Gianfranco Calonico

In a nice veterans category with 27 entries, Italy’s Gianfranco Calonico defeated Erich Hinkelmann in the final (4-3). Manfred Pawlica and Günther Bamberzky also reached the semis.

Finally, in the ladies section, Switzerland’s raising star Noemi Bernhardsgrütter won the tournament after beating Conny Vulpes in the final.

To be noted that organizers also managed to give a WASPA tournament for eliminated players and Arnold Mair from Rain took the honors after beating Daniele Gambe in the final.

Full results: Grand Prix – Rain

Pictures by Gerd Häcker


Perfect week-end for SC Charleroi and Mettivieri in Berlin

The Open of Berlin took place last week-end with 42 polayers from five different countries taking part. The Open section has 41 entries and 8 big groups of 5 or 6 players. After many games, the serious things started in the second round with two defeats for the promising local players as Marcel Kwiatkowski lost to Erich Hinkelmann while Robert Lenz beat Björn Kegenbein. After the quarter-finals, Antonio Mettiveri defeated the top seed of the tournament, Saverio Bari, to qualify for the final. In the last game, the Italian player of SC Charleroi defeated the Austrian top player Wolfgang Leitner (2-1) to win the trophies.

SC Charleroi had a perfect week-end as they also won the team events, defeating TFC Mattersburg in the final.

Berlin finals
Antonio Mettivieri – Wolfgang Leitner 2:1 (0:0) Open section
Daniel Scheen – Erich Hinkelmann 2:9 (1:4) Veterans section
Victoria Büsing – Isabelle Daelman 3:0 Ladies section
Alwin Krause – Fabio Bianco 5:6 (3:3) U19 section
Alwin Krause – Noé Scheen 2:1 (1:0) U15 section

And the team event final result is:
TFC Mattersburg SC Charleroi 1:1 (6:8)

Erich Hinkelmann Vito Di Ruggiero 3:2 (0:0)
Robert Lenz Antonio Mettivieri 1:1 (0:0)
Karl-Heinz Haider Jérôme Heyvaert 1:1 (0:0)
Wolfgang Leitner Christophe Dheur 1:4 (0:0)

You can find all results here:
Big thank you to Marcus Tilgner for a great run event and see you next year


Two wins for Carlos Flores in Naples

The first international Open of the season was held last week-end in Naples, one of the hot places of international subbuteo, in the South of Italy. The team event had a brilliant field of 21 entries and the level was very high. In the final, Reggio Emilia beat Perugia thanks to a positive goal difference while the game ended on 2-2. The winning team was fielding Licheri, Flores, Bari and Lamberti.

The individual tournament was also very open but despite of the presence of many top Italian players, the final was a Spajnish story and Carlos Flores finally defeated the new world champion Juan Noguera by an amazing score of 8-3.

The other winners were Marco Lamberti (veterans), Sara Guercia (ladies), Riccio (U12), Vezzuto (U15) and Ciccarelli (U19).


Bjorn Kegenbein wins the Open of Rain

The Open of Rain took place this week-end and there were big winners. Germany’s Bjorn Kegenbein beat Christophe Dheur (Belgium) in the Open final. Martin Antoine (Belgium) beat Marios Strommer (Austria) in the U15 final. Local player Moritz Jung was the U19 champion. In the veterans, it was an Austria affair with Günther Bamberzky finally beating Karl-Heinz Haider 2-1 to win the trophy.

The team event was played on sunday with a belgian final. Rochefort TS (picture) beat SC Stembert to lift the trophy.