David González is a GP winner

David González (Tiburones) won the FISTF Grand Prix of Spain last week-end after defeating Austria’s Christian Haas in the final (2-0). The event had a good turnout of 39 players and 9 teams. Pierre De Leeuw (Belgium) and Christian Filippella, who now lives in California, were the semi-finalists. Vicenç Prats took the ho,ors in the veterans section after defeating Belgium’s Alain Jadot. Pascal Scheen (Belgium) and Stephane Pommier (France) were the semi-finalists.

Mallorca2016-2On Sunday, the Spanish theam of Tiburones FM defeated the Frecnh club of Caen in the final of the team event. Congratulations to all.


Austrians dominate the GP of Scotland

DundeeGP-2Last week-end, the Grand Prix of Scotland took place in Dundee with 29 players from 8 nations taking part. In the Open category, Austrians dominated the competition with Alexander Haas (Royal 78) claiming the title after beating clubmate Heinz Eder in the final. Thomas Wittmann and England’s Gianpaolo Vitulano were the losing demi-finalists. In the Veterans, top seeded player Daniel Scheen from Belgium defeated England’s Brian Daley in the final. Elliot Bellefontaine won the U19 event. On Sunday, the team event saw many surprises. Despite they lost to local team Dundee United, the Austrians of TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen finally won the tournament after finishing on top of a group of 5 while Yorkshire Phoenix was the runner-up. Congratulations to the winners and to the organizers for having the event played at Tannadyce Park.

Full results: Grand Prix – Dundee


The GP of Portugal for Sérgio Ramos

The Grand Prix of Portugal took place in the last week-end of March. Sérgio Ramos defeated Antonio J Casin to claim the Open title. Ruben Português and Filipe Maia were the losing semi-finalist. José Luis Bonavia won the veterans section after a nice final against José Santos. Antonio J Casin won the U19 category while Diogo Pereira won the U12 section and Carolina Villarigues was the best lady. The SPanish team of Tiburones FM won the team event, finishing on top of a group of 5.


Christian Haas wins the Grand Prix of England

Last week-end the English Grand Prix was held in Enderby with 58 players from 12 nationalities. Most players were dropped in the 2 main categories: Open & Veterans. Austria’s Christian Haas won the Open category after scoring a golden goal in the final against England’s Chris Thomas. Wolfgang Haas and Kaspar Bennett were the other players in the semi-finals. In the veterans, Belgium’s Pascal Scheen ended as winner. The Stembert player defeated Austria’s Manfred Pawlica in the final. The other individual winners were Emilie Despretz (Belgium – U19), Joseph Kinrade (England – U15) and Lucas Père (Belgium – U12). Rémi Soret (France) won the WASPA Open tournament while Paul O’Donovan (USA) took the WASPA Veterans title.

Glide-Slide in Enderby

Chris Thomas, Justin Finch, Kaspar Bennett and Matt Lampitt won the team event

On Sunday, the “Glide Slide Chip & Dip Club” took the honors after defeating Belgium’s AS Hennuyer in the final on goal difference.

(On the picture: Wiener Neustadt players took many trophies: Christian Haas (Open winner), Manfred Pawlica (Veterans final), Wolfgang Haas (Open semi), Günther Bamberzky (veterans semi) could hardly do better)

Full results: Grand Prix – Enderby


Justin Leroy is the champion in Prague


Justin Leroy, open winner

Last week-end the city of Prague was the center of International subbuteo with the organisation of the Czech Grand Prix and the presence of players from many european countries. Belgium’s Justin Leroy won the open final in the last second against Italy’s Edoardo Bellotto. Marcel Kwiatkowski from Germany and Heinz Eder from Austria were the losing semi-finalists. Patrizio lazzaretti from italy won the veterans final against Belgium’s Pascal Scheen while Alwin Krause (Germany) defeated Jonathan Nichtenberger in the final of the U15. Victoria Busing finished on top of a group of 5 in the ladies section while Nicola Borgo won the U19 event. Francesco Borgo, Nicola’s young brother, won the U12 section. On sunday, Mattersburg defeated Rochefort TS to claim the team event.

Full results: Grand Prix – Prague


Charleroi and David Gonzalez on top in France

The Grand Prix of France was held in Issy during the first week-end of February with 100 players from 10 countries taking part. There were many surprises in the Open category.

The young David Gonzalez from Spain won the final against Sébastien Scheen from Belgium. Jean-Marie Amberny (who previously defeated the top seed Christophe Dheur) and Axel Donval reached the semis.


Forlani vs Herbaut in the ladies final

Nicola Borgo was the clear winner of the U19 final after he beat Steffen Despretz (6-2).

Nicola’s young brother, Francesco Borgo, won the U12 category but struggled to beat Belgium’s Basile Magermans on shots.

Players from eugies (Belgium) dominated the U15 tournament. This time Maxime Rairoux took the best on Corentin Bouchez while their clubmate Corentin Boltz was also a semi-finalist.


Happy players of Charleroi

In the veterans, world number 1 Gianfranco Calonico was out in the last 8 rounf after he lost to Lucio Canicchio. Canicchio later lost his semi against local player Thierry Vivron. Vivron beat Belgium’s Pascal Scheen in the final.

Paola Forlani won the group stage of the ladies category but in the final, local player Audrey Herbaut took the honors after defeating the Italian lady on shots.

In the team event, The Belgians of SC Charleroi were the best of the 17 teams taking part. They deafted Tiburones FM in the final. 2 Belgians teams (Black Devils Subbuteo and ST Stembert) also reached the semis.

Full results: Grand Prix – Issy


Last seconds decide Finals

Two finals decided in the last seconds, and one on shots, were the highlights of the Australian Grand Prix in Sydney.

Christian Haas of Austria (World #8) beat Australia’s Carl Young (World #771) 3-2 with a goal in the dying seconds to claim the Individual title, while it was Carl’s goal in the last seconds that gave his Melbourne TFC a spectacular win on goals against Singapore’s Jurong Central 1-1 (6-5) in the teams event. And in the U15 final, Northern Falcons’ Jonty Brener claimed the title 1-0 on shots against Subbuteo Parramatta’s Imojjen Elmer after a tight 0-0 draw.

The event featured players from 10 clubs and six nations, as well as a spectacular opening dinner and draw on the Friday night, hosted by football commentator Simon Hill (himself a Subbuteo player) with guest Rale Rasic, former Socceroo coach of the famous 1974 team, and football commentator Stephanie Brantz.

There was an abundance of goals and great results in the group phase of the individual event, with all the seeded players topping their groups.
Outstanding results were John Ho (AGP seed 3) against Benji Batten 3-3, Anas Rahamat against Peter Thomas (Seeded 2) in a 1-1 draw, and Raffaele Lombard’s 1-1 draw with Bernard Lim (Seeded 8).

In the barrage round, Raffaele overcame his close rival Fabrizio Coco 1-0, but then fell in the Round of 16 to Peter Thomas 0-1.
Carl moved on with a 2-0 win against John Ho, while Rob Green (Seeded 6) had to battle hard to beat Adrian Elmer 1-0.
In the quarters, Christian Haas (Seeded 1) eased into top gear with a 5-1 win against Vikas Chandiramani (Seeded 9), and Carl edged Rob Green 1-0.


Individual winners

Peter Thomas fell to his clubmate Young in the semi in an extremely tight match, while Christian secured the other final place.

In the final, Christian scored after just two minutes, then repeated the dose after 4 mins to race to a 2-0 lead, before Carl pegged him back with some determined play just before half time and then drew level after four minutes of the second half. But the Austrian champion kept his head and with the clock counting down and seven seconds remaining, he slipped through Carl’s defence for an unbelievable winner!!


Melbourne TFC

In the teams event, reigning champions Northern Falcons were severely weakened by the absence of top players Eliot Kennedy, Jonathan Ball and Dominic Grenot, but the replacement players battled valiantly in the group phase.
It quickly became apparent that the two Singapore teams would face in the semi, while Melbourne and Parramatta would play in the other.
Melbourne pulled off a close win to make the final, facing up against Jurong.
Once again the tactics of team selection made the difference, with Peter Thomas facing Rudy Hesty and Carl against Anas, while Benji took on Mohammed Rizal and Benny played Vikas.
As Benji took the lead in his match, and Vikas led Benny, the match was finely balanced.
With Peter and Rudy trading goals, it looked like Jurong had the match in the bag, with Anas leading Carl.
But once again, as the clock counted down, it took a steady hand, as Carl banged in an equaliser that gave his team the win on goals.

In the U15 event, two newcomers to competitive play provided some great action, with Gabriel Lombardi of Subbuteo Parramatta making the semi final, and Daniel Sirmai of the Northern Falcons enjoying his debut.
Sisters Æowyn and Imojjen Elmer of Subbuteo Parramatta, Jonty Brener and last year’s winner Benjamin Ng of Melbourne TFC made up the numbers, with close matches all around.
In the final, Jonty held his nerve, scoring with a delightful chip in the shootout to beat Imojjen 1-0.

Full results here: Grand Prix – Sydney

(original report from the Subbuteo Australia pages)


A fantastic week-end in Milano


Veterans final between Calonico and Santanicchia.

The “Torneo di Natale” 2015 was held early in December with an amazing field of players coming to play the Grand Prix of Italy. The Open category had almost 100 entries and only big names in the last 8 round. Daniele Bertelli took the honors, defeating Reggio Emilia’s Emanuele Licheri in the final (2-0) while Saverio Bari and Massimiliano Nastasi were the semi-finalists. In the U19, Matteo Ciccarelli was the usual winner, taking the trophy for the third time in Milano. Leonardo Giudice from Livorno was the best U15 and Matteo Cammarata won the U12 section. The ladies final was close but in the end, the top seed Paola Forlani won the game on shots against Giulia Brillantino.


Matteo Ciccarelli gets his U19 trophy from Gianluca Galeazzi.

There were some surprises in the veterans but top seed Gianfranco Calonico was the expected winner in a close final against Cesare Santanicchia. Calonico scored the winning goal in the sudden death.

In the team event, the Belgians of Rochefort TS were close to beat Reggio Emilia in the semi-final but the Italians won the game for one single goal. In the final, Bari and his clubmates couldn’t resist to Pisa. Bertelli won therefor his second trophy of the week-end. A perfect week-en for the “Black & Blue”.


The Greek GP for Spyros Hantzaras

During the week-end of November 14 and 15, the Greek Grand Prix was played in Athens. Spyros Hantzaras defeated Lazaros Papakonstantinou in the Open final. Nikos Pappas and the very surprising Georgios Genitsaropoulos were the losing semi-finalists. Panagiotis Haratsis beat Dimitris Stamatopoulos in the veterans final while Giorgos Vlassopoulos beat Iason Dimopoulos in the U15 category.
In the team events, the Falcons Athens beay Atlas TFC in the final. Olympia and Proteas were the semi-finalists.


Home win for Valéry Dejardin

(Pictures by JSC Rochefort)

The Belgian Grand prix took place last week-end in Rochefort with a strong field of belgian players and some foreign players from the Netherlands, Greece and France. The Open category saw no surprise with 4 Belgians playing the semis. In the end, Valéry Dejardin took the honors after beating Sébastien Scheen in the final.


Veterans final (E. Lienhardt vs P. Scheen)

The Scheen family had reasons to party as Pascal won the veterans section after beating Eric Lienhardt (France) in the final while ST Stembert also won the sunday team event after a close final vs Rochefort TS.

Other individual winners were Raphaël Pommier (France) in the U19 category, Maxime Rairoux in the U15, Emilie Despretz in the ladies and Holland’s Quincy Gerrets in the U12.



Ladies final: Emilie Despretz vs Laura Beckers


ST Stembert (team winner)