Big success for the tournament of the Pobladores Griegos


During the week-end of February 14 and 15, an international open tournament was played in the Acharnis Hotel, Parnitha. The tournament was organised by the Pobladores Griegos team. On saturday we had the team event. 10 teams (from 7 clubs) were present. Falcons Athens (see picture) won the final against Scarlet Battalion SC. Olympia and the home team Pobladores reached the semis.
On sunday we had three individual categories: the ladies, open and veterans. In the ladies section (5 players) Dionysia Koulosousa won the group. Eleftheria Papanikolaou was second.
In the open category (49 players), Spyros Hantzaras was the winner. Kostas Seses reached the semi. Lambros Drossopoulos and Nikos Naskos were the semi-finalists.

In the veterans (11 players) Marcos Kapsambelis (picture) won the final against Lazaros Papakonstantinou. Aggelinas brothers Chris and George reached the semis.
The consolation tournament was named as a WASPA tournament. Yannis Salamouris beat Dimitris Patrinos in the final.
In the attached file you can see all the results: Open – Athènes 2

(Report by Chris Aggelinas)


Spyros Hantzaras and Olympia dominate in Athens

On December 13 and 14, the International Open of Athens was played in the Kavallaris Hotel and the event was organized by the club of Olympia. The team competition was held on saturday with 15 teams coming from 8 different clubs. Surprisingly the team of Olymoia reached the final and they even won the title in the decisive game againsi Pobladores Griegos. Falcons and Roligans reached the semis.


The individual tournament had three categories. In the ladies section (4 players), Eleni Koulosousa beat sister Dionysia in the final. The 52 Open players offered a great show and this time, Spyros Hantzaras (picture) beat Eugene Plytas int he final. Giorgos Koutis and Kostas Seses reached the semis.
The veterans was 14 and Giorgos Papadopoulos beat Chris Aggelinas in the final. Semi-finalists were Giorgos Aggelinas and Panagiotis Haratsis.

(Report with the help of Chris Aggelinas)

Results file: Open – Athènes


Nikos Beis wins the Grand Prix of Greece

62 players recently attended the Grand Prix of Greece in Athens. The event was organized by the club of Athinaikos. Among the competitors, there were three foreign guests: Stelio Tsangouris from Belgium, Dave Gladman from Scotland and Alberto Di Maggio from Italy. Players were divided into three categories. Dionysia Koulosousa won the Ladies section, beating Eleni Koulosousa in the final. The 14 veterans were dropped in three groups. Marcos Kapsabelis, who plays this season for the italian team of Sessana, beat AS Hennuyer’s Chris Aggelinas in the final (3-2).

There were 44 entries in the Open category. Nikos Beis (picture taken in Frameries), who won the Champion’s League with his clubmates of Eagles Napoli earlier this season, was the usual winner after beating Spyros Hantzaras in the final. Beis and Hantzaras were the top seeds of the tournament. Kostas Kaperonis and Velissarios Fragakis were the semi-finalists.

The team event attracted 11 teams from 8 different clubs. The Falcons Athens retained their title after beating the home team of Athinaikos in the final. The semi-finalists were Pobladores Griegos and Roligans.


Andrianos Dervis wins in Heraklion

The first competition of the Greek season was played in Heraklion (Crete) last week-end. The Satellite tournament was held in the island, organised by the local club of Blade TSC in Heraklion. 13 local players and 11 travellers from Athens and Patra enjoyed an excellent hospitallity provided by Vaggelis Liolios and his teammates.

The main results are as follows:
– Pobladores Griegos won the team event, beating Glyfada in the final.
– in the under 12 James Liolios Jr was the winner.
– in the veterans Giannis Voulgaris won the final against Dimitris Mallias.
– finally in the open Andrianos Dervis beat on shots Chris Aggelinas.

It was the first official tournament played in Crete since the summer of 1986, 28 years earlier.
Also all winners manage to record their first ever win in any type of competition.

Full results are available in the Results section.


Giorgos Koutis wins the Major of Athens

On June 21 and 22, the Athens Major took place in Ilioupoli sports hall. 97 different players took part in the individual categories. with the exception of three foreigners (Eddie Belloto, Josef and Mauro Camilleri) all the others are from Hellas.
In the open category (60), Giorgos Koutis (on the picture with Malta’s Josef Camilleri) was the winner. Nikos Beis reached the final. Kostas Seses and Spyros Hantzaras the semi-finalists
In the veterans (21) Periklis Dimopoulos was the winner, beating Lazaros Papakonstantinou in the final. Chris Aggelinas and Panagiotis Haratsis were the semi-finalists
we also had women category (6). Dionysia Koulosousa was the winner. Arkos Falelakis won both under 15 (9) and under 12 (6) categories. Both times he faced Vaggelis Kotrotsos in the final.
In the under 19 (6), Nikos haratsis was the winner.
Day 2 we had the team competition. 15 teams competed for the throphy. The home team of Roligans beat Falcons on goals in the final. Serenissima and Atlas reached the semi-finals.

(Report by Chris Aggelinas)


Nicos Beis wins the Acropolis Grand Prix

Sunday, June 15th, the individual categories of the Acropolis Grand Prix were played with three categories in the agenda.

In the under 19 section, 4 players competed for the trophy. Manos Kapsambelis was the winner, Giorgos Vlassopoulos was second, Vasilis Nitis third and Michalis Apostolidis fourth.

In the veterans 16 players were present. Lazaros Papakonstantinou beat in the final Giorgos Aggelinas. Sotiris Korologos and Marcos Kapsambelis were the semi-finalists.

In the open category (44 players) Nicos Beis was the winner, Spyros Hantzaras was the runner-up. Kostas Seses and Dimitris Kosmopoulos were the semi-finalists.

In the team event of the saturday, 13 teams competed for the trophy. The final was close and the Falcons beat Roligans in the sudden death thanks to a goal of Spyros Hantzaras. Athinaikos and Olympia, reached the semi-finals.

(Report with the help of Chris Aggelinas)


Eugene Plytas wins in Athens

42 players and 9 teams attended the FISTF Satellite of Athens held last week-end. In the Open section, Eugene Plytas (Atlas) took the honors after beating Panagiotis Vasilopoulos in the final. Spyrons Patrinos and Andrianos Dervis made it to the semis. Markos Fanellakis (Glyfada United) won the U19 tournament while Marcos Kapsabelis beat Dimitris Stamatopoulos in the final of the veterans (2-1). The team event saw a very tight final and Atlas TFC B beat Olympia B on goal-difference.