Another Major for Flores in Rome

In the last week-end of January, 150 players travelled to Rome to play the Major organized by the club of CCT Roma. There were players from all over Europe and the level was as always very high. In the end, the Open, final was a Spanish story between two world champions. Carlos Flores defeated Juan Noguera and added another important title in his collection of Major. To be noted the two Spanish players were the only foreign representatives in the quarter-finals with six Italians.


Final of the veterans (Massimiliano Croatti, Referee Antonio Montaño, Gerardo Patruno)

Italians took their revenge in the veterans. Gerardo Patruno defeated Massimiliano Croatti in the final. Malta’s Mario Camilleri and Spain’s Vicenç Prats also ended in the final 4.


Andrea Bolognino was the U15 winner

In the youth categories, Italians dominated the event in all competitions. Leonardo Giudice took the best on Lorenzo Tamburri in the U19, Andrea Bolognino was the best U15 (final against Alessio Picchi) and Francesco Tozzi beat Gianluca Signorelli in the U12 final. Tania Signorelli was the ladies champion.

In the team event, F.lli Bari Reggio Emilia (with Bari, Licheri, Zambello, Flores and Nastasi) won the final against Fiamme Azzurre. The Spanish team of Tiburones FM and the surprising boys of Lazio TFC made it to the semis.

Full results: Major – Rome


A fantastic week-end in Milano


Veterans final between Calonico and Santanicchia.

The “Torneo di Natale” 2015 was held early in December with an amazing field of players coming to play the Grand Prix of Italy. The Open category had almost 100 entries and only big names in the last 8 round. Daniele Bertelli took the honors, defeating Reggio Emilia’s Emanuele Licheri in the final (2-0) while Saverio Bari and Massimiliano Nastasi were the semi-finalists. In the U19, Matteo Ciccarelli was the usual winner, taking the trophy for the third time in Milano. Leonardo Giudice from Livorno was the best U15 and Matteo Cammarata won the U12 section. The ladies final was close but in the end, the top seed Paola Forlani won the game on shots against Giulia Brillantino.


Matteo Ciccarelli gets his U19 trophy from Gianluca Galeazzi.

There were some surprises in the veterans but top seed Gianfranco Calonico was the expected winner in a close final against Cesare Santanicchia. Calonico scored the winning goal in the sudden death.

In the team event, the Belgians of Rochefort TS were close to beat Reggio Emilia in the semi-final but the Italians won the game for one single goal. In the final, Bari and his clubmates couldn’t resist to Pisa. Bertelli won therefor his second trophy of the week-end. A perfect week-en for the “Black & Blue”.


A World Premiere à Naples

Besides the main event at the International Open of naples, organizers proudly hosted a tournament for disabled players. This is an important project for the community of table football and Mario Banditelli defeated Maurizio Vezzo (1-0) in the final. Congratulations to the involved players but also to the organizers for making things happen.


Luca Colangelo on top in Naples


Luca Colangelo and Filippo Cubeta (source: Facebook)

The recent International Open of Naples took place in the last week-end of September with a good field of players, mainly from the South and the Center of Italy. Luca Colangelo won the Open category. The young italian star defeated Spain’s Juan Noguera in the final. Eugene Plytas and Luca Battista managed to reach the semi-finals of this great tournament. Filippo Cubeta won the U19 category while local talent Andrea Bolognino was the best U15. Raffaele Allocca, also from the Eagles Napoli, was the surprising winner of the veterans section. Sara Guercia (ladies) and Riccardo Natoli (U12) were the other individual winners. In the team event, the club of SC Fiamme Azzurre CM won the final again the Eagles Napoli (2-1) to bring back the trophy in Rome.


And the winners are…

The FISTF world Cup was held this week-end in San Benedetto with more than 200 players coming from 20 nations. More details will soon be provided about this amazing week-end of table football.

Please note the individual winners are as follows:
Carlos Flores (Spain) in Open (against Italy’s Massimiliano Nastasi)
Delphine Dieudonné (Belgium) in the ladies section (against Italy’s Paola Forlani)
Massimo Bolognino (Italy) in the veterans (against Portugal’s Filipe Maia)
David Gonzalez (Spain) in U19 (against Italy’s Claudio Panebianco)
Claudio La Torre (Italy) in U15 (against Italy’s Nicola Borgo)
Leonardo Giudice (Italy) in U12 (against Italy’s Matteo Cammarata)

Spain won the Open team title against a close final against Austria. Italy was defeated by the Austrians in the semi-final while Belgium lost to Spain in the other semi. Other finals were as follows:
– Ladies: Italy defeated Belgium
– Veterans: Spain defeated Italy
– U19: Italy defeated Belgium
– U15: Italy defeated Belgium
– U12: Italy defeated Belgium

(Article under construction)

Picture by GUERIN SPORTIVO (via Facebook)


Saverio Bari and Brescia on top in Treviso

In the last week-end of August, 49 players met in Treviso, in the north of Italy, to play a Satellite. There were some top players taking part due to the wild-cards awarded by the organizer and that’s how Saverio Bari won the Open category, beating Alessandro Mastropasqua in the final (2-1). Luca Martinelli and Paolo Finardi also managed to reach the semi-finals. The veterans section had an impressive field of 20 entries. William Dotto took the best in the final on David Lazzari (3-2) while Luca Bisio and Paolo Mariotto also reached the final 4. The team event had a big surprise with the team of ASD Leonessa 2004 Brescia taking the honors after beating TSC Stella Artois Milano in the final. This is the first ever FISTF title for the team of Brescia. No need to say Giuliano Gazzoldi and his clubmates were more than happy…

Fulle results: Satellite – Treviso


Colangelo and Fiamme Azzurre on top in Catania

On July 4 and 5, 8 teams and 51 players from 4 nations attended the International Open of Catania. The event had some good players taking part but there were surprises. In the Open semi-final, world champion Juan Noguera (Spain) was defeated by clubmate Hansel Mallia (Malta). Mallia later lost the final to Italy’s Luca Colangelo (1-2). Other individual winners were Armando Giuffrè (U19), Claudio La Torre (U15), Bruno Bagnao (Vetetrans), Riccardo natoli (U12) and Eleonora Buttitta (Ladies). The team event saw no surprise as top favorite iamme Azzurre defeated Subbuteo Club Catania in the final (3-1).


Maurizio Lepri and Brasilia Chieti win in Manoppello

The recent Satellite of Manoppello took place last month in Italy with a good field of 44 italian players. Maurizio Lepri (Phoenix) won the Open final, defeating Simone Trivelli (Lazio). Fabrizio Fedele and Mauro Manganello were the semi-finalists of the event. Andrea Di Vincenzo (Fiamme Azzurre) took the honors in the veterans category after beating Giulio Curato (Foggia) in the final. Riccardo Chieppa (U15) and Emanuele Di Francesco (U12) were the other individual winners. The team of Brasilia Chieti won the team event, finishing on top of a group of 6 while Black Rose Roma was runner-up.


First class performance for Juan Noguera in Bologna


In the last week-end of May the city of Bologna was the host of a fantastic FISTF Major. There were players from many different countries taking part and many of the world’s top players were competing. Serious things started in the early rounds but the first “clash of the Titans” occured in the quarter-finals when Daniele Bertelli defeated top seed Carlos Flores. Bertelli later beat Belgium’s Bessim Golger to qualify for the final. Spain’s Juan Noguera was the hot man of the week-end, beatting Kostas Seses, Luca Battista, Emanuele Licheri and Enrico Guidi to reach the final. The final was very open and Noguera took the honors, defeating Bertelli (3-2) to claim the title.


The U19 event was also impressive with Belgium’s Florian Giaux (picture) being the unexpected winner after beating William Van Den Houte in quarter-final, David Gonzalez in the semi and Andrea Ciccarelli in the final. Italians were too strong in the U15 event and Matteo Brillantino beat Alessandro Amatelli in the final.

With more than 80 registered players, the veterans section was just awesome. Malta’s Massimo Cremona was the surprising winner, beating Francesco Quattrini in the final. Stefano De Francesco and Belgium’s Eric Threis were excellent semi-finalists.

The other individual winners of the week-end were Giorgio Giudice (U12) and Paola Forlani (Ladies).


The team event was the other impressive category with 48 teams shared in 12 groups. The winner was just unexpected as the young team of Pierce 14 Altavilla (picture) managed to lift the trophy after beating the Belgian side of SC Charleroi. SC Fiamme Azzurre and the Falcons Athens (Greece) were the semi-finalists.

Full results should be available soon.