David González is a GP winner

David González (Tiburones) won the FISTF Grand Prix of Spain last week-end after defeating Austria’s Christian Haas in the final (2-0). The event had a good turnout of 39 players and 9 teams. Pierre De Leeuw (Belgium) and Christian Filippella, who now lives in California, were the semi-finalists. Vicenç Prats took the ho,ors in the veterans section after defeating Belgium’s Alain Jadot. Pascal Scheen (Belgium) and Stephane Pommier (France) were the semi-finalists.

Mallorca2016-2On Sunday, the Spanish theam of Tiburones FM defeated the Frecnh club of Caen in the final of the team event. Congratulations to all.


Daniel Cranston wins “Flicko de Mayo”

Daniel Cranston arrived, saw, and conquered Michigan. He warmed up on Friday night by winning the Gideon Smith Cup, a 4-man WASPA event in East Lansing. In Saturday’s fifth edition of Flicko de Mayo in Rockford, Daniel scored an impressive 24 goals in five matches to claim the title.

For the third year in a row, the tournament was a FISTF Satellite/ASA/WASPA event. 9 players from Illinois, Iowa, Florida, Maryland, and Michigan made up a very competitive field that included five of the top 12 players in the ASA rankings.

After the first round of group play, two groups of three players were formed in the championship bracket and one in the consolation bracket. Defending champion Erik Haefke beat Dario Passadore 2-0 in a key Group A match to earn his third consecutive Flicko de Mayo final. In a reprise of their first round clash, Cranston defeated Haefke 5-2. Passadore took third place with a solid 3-2 win over in-form Ilias Gikas. Tim Tumminaro won the consolation group.

A highlight of the weekend was Chicago United’s win in the inaugural Great Lakes Cup team challenge: a decisive 2-0 victory over host Grand Rapids TSC. A great weekend of subbuteo, sportsmanship, and camaraderie!


First FISTF title for Nic Tan

Jurong Central Subbuteo Club was the host for the Table Football Association of Singapore’s FISTF Futures Tournament held on 1 May 2016. The tournament was also registered concurrently as a WASPA tournament under the banner of the SG Lions Table Football Club.

As a Futures tournament, participation was limited to those ranked above 300 under the FISTF ranking, with one wildcard exception being granted to Noor Haikal, last year’s champion of the same tournament. In all there were 11 participants, the majority from the Jurong Central Subbuteo Club.

Singapore-Future-May2016-2The semi-finals were an all Jurong Central Subbuteo Club affair. Fauzi Ghani easily dispatched recent National U-19 champion Bolkiah 3-0 in the first semi-final, with all three goals coming in the first half. The second semi-final was a tighter affair with Nic Tan scoring the only goal late in extra time against Noor Haikal. In the final, Nic Tan captured his first title by beating Fauzi Ghani 3-1.

To end off the day, there was a super-hero fun-theme team tournament between the participants and some others who did not qualify to play for the Futures tournament. It was won by Team Captain America comprising Captain Anas Rahamat, Noor Haikal, Izham bin Sidek, Salihin and Lim Ding Heng.

Fulle results: Future – Singapour


Alexander Haas did it in Traiskirchen

45 players attended the International Open of Traiskirchen lastw eek-end. Besides a strong base of Austrian players, there were visitors from Germany, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Alexander Haas was in a great day as he defeated Robert Lenz on shots in the last 8 round, brother Wolfgang Haas on shots as well in the semi and Günther Bamberzky (3-1) in the final. Moritz Jung from Germany won the U19 final against Lukas Eppensteiner and the U15 final against Daniel Vranovitz. Austians dominated the veterans section with Stefan Sandner beating Manfred Pawlica in the final. Daria Prazynski (ladies) and Caspar Heinrich (U12) were the other individual winners. The team event saw many close games but int he end, the TFC Wiener Neustadt players took the best on TFC Mattersburg on goal difference after a very close final (2-2 and 8 goals to 7).

Full results here: Open – Traiskirchen


A fantastic week-end in Rochefort


Open final: Leroy vs Huynh

Last week-end the club of Rochefort TS was holding their very first FISTF Open with a good field of 96 individuals and 12 teams. Organizers put a great show with brand new tables, superb scoreboards and fantastic trophies. The individual tournament was held on Saturday with a superb final between two local players. National champion Rémy Huynh defeated National cup holder Justin Leroy to claim the trophy. Florian Giaux, also from the local club, defeated Raphaël Pommier from France in the U19 final.Corentin Bouchez (U15), Emilie Despretz (ladies), Basile Magermans (U12) and Alain Jadot (veterans) were the other individual winners. On Sunday, the local team was on fire and defeated Stembert in the final on goal difference while AS Hennuyer won the consolation tournament. To be noted that players were given the chance to play many competitive games. On Friday evening, 18 players had the chance to test the new tables during a WASPA tournament in Swiss system. Philippe Roufosse was the winner. On Saturday afternoon, another event in Swiss system was played as a consolation event. 22 players were taking part and Corentin Wauthy was the winner. It was a very nice tournament and hopefully many more players will join next season.RochefortOpen-trophies


The U12 final

Full results: Open – Rochefort


Mark Gauci and Derek Conti on fire in Malta


Open final: Mallia vs Conti

The recent Open and Grand Prix of Malta were held in Valletta with 30 players from four nations taking part. On Saturday the Open final was a local derby between Derek Conti and Hansel Mallia. Conti took the honors after winning the game 4-1. Melvin Barun (U19), Riccardo Natoli (U15 and U12) and Belgium’s Pascal Scheen (veterans) were the other winners of the day. On Sunday, things become more serious with italians stars Daniele Bertelli and Massimiliano Nastasi taking part but in the end, it was another Maltese final with Mark Gauci defeating Massimo Cremona to claim the trophy. Melvin Barun (U19) and Riccardo Natoli (U15 and U12) won their categories again while in the veterans, Italy’s Patrizio Lazzaretti defeated Pascal Scheen in the final. There was also a team event and Valletta Subbuteo Club defeated Bormla Subbuteo Club in the final.

Full results of the Open: Open – La Vallette 2
Full results of the Grand prix: Grand Prix – La Vallette


Austrians dominate the GP of Scotland

DundeeGP-2Last week-end, the Grand Prix of Scotland took place in Dundee with 29 players from 8 nations taking part. In the Open category, Austrians dominated the competition with Alexander Haas (Royal 78) claiming the title after beating clubmate Heinz Eder in the final. Thomas Wittmann and England’s Gianpaolo Vitulano were the losing demi-finalists. In the Veterans, top seeded player Daniel Scheen from Belgium defeated England’s Brian Daley in the final. Elliot Bellefontaine won the U19 event. On Sunday, the team event saw many surprises. Despite they lost to local team Dundee United, the Austrians of TSC Royal 78 Kaisermühlen finally won the tournament after finishing on top of a group of 5 while Yorkshire Phoenix was the runner-up. Congratulations to the winners and to the organizers for having the event played at Tannadyce Park.

Full results: Grand Prix – Dundee


Amberny and Rouis on top in Puylaurens

Last week-end the club of Puylaurens in the South of France was holding a special FISTF week-end with two individual tournaments. The International Open ended with no surprise as Jean-Marie Amberny took the hoors after defeating home player Serge Leroy in the final. Both players already met in the group stage and Leroy had won the first game. Mongi Rouis and Roger Trouillard were the semi-finalists.


Satellite winners

On Sunday there was a Satellite with different players in the final. Mongi Rouis defeated Boissy’s Marc Guyot to claim the title. Roger Trouillard and Jean-Marie Amberny were the semi-finalists.

Full results of the Open: Open – Puylaurens
Full results of the Satellite: Satellite – Puylaurens


The GP of Portugal for Sérgio Ramos

The Grand Prix of Portugal took place in the last week-end of March. Sérgio Ramos defeated Antonio J Casin to claim the Open title. Ruben Português and Filipe Maia were the losing semi-finalist. José Luis Bonavia won the veterans section after a nice final against José Santos. Antonio J Casin won the U19 category while Diogo Pereira won the U12 section and Carolina Villarigues was the best lady. The SPanish team of Tiburones FM won the team event, finishing on top of a group of 5.